For one looking to start a small business, financial roadblocks can put a serious damper on any entrepreneurial spirit. Finding the initial money to begin a business can be difficult, but luckily government and private business grants can help a small business get started. Various grant programs can provide essentially free money to any startup if they meet the requirements of the individual application.

The federal government has more specific grant programs for small businesses that fall under the categories of new research, technological developments, renewable energy, or agriculture. Going down to the state and local level, grant programs for small businesses are meant to support local economies and will fund projects that contribute to this goal. Businesses looking to create jobs in deprived areas, willing to repurpose older buildings, and generally inspiring new industry are prime candidates for such small business programs .

Established corporations and private foundations also have business funding grants available for startups. Typically these sort of grants are awarded on a yearly basis and, like government grant programs, have important deadlines and certain requirements for individuals who would like to apply. If one is proactive enough to go through the work it takes to research and apply to any sort of grant program they could be lucky enough to be awarded essentially free money for developing their small business.

Any money awarded is typically required to be used for certain expenditures and is likely to have at least some restrictions and stipulations in order to prevent the money from being used for things contrary to what the grant program hopes to bolster. Some private foundation and corporation grants are even targeted to specific groups such as minorities, women and veterans to help these entrepreneurs get their business up and running when it is often harder for them to do so. There are opportunities for small business grants everywhere, and one just has to put in the time and effort to look.