Do you live in an area that just experienced a natural disaster, or an area that is prone to repeated emergency situations? There are emergency relief grants available for individuals like yourself, as well as your community that are in need of assistance. Some of these grants come from federal and state government or from other foundations and groups, and they are available in preparation before a possible disaster or after. These grants may be limited or under time constraints, so individuals, businesses, and communities affected by disaster should be diligent in finding what programs are available and properly applying to them.

Disaster preparedness grants help plan and prepare communities that are prone to emergency situation before the disaster occurs. Through these grants communities are able to gain the proper emergency response systems, personnel and equipment so they are prepared for when disaster strikes. These grants are available from the federal government through FEMA and local groups or foundations that have their own versions of these disaster preparedness grants.

Disaster or emergency relief grants are granted following a natural disaster or other emergency situation. These grants are funded by organizations and foundations which will provide the affected communities with the basic necessities, such as water, food, and shelter. FEMA is able to offer disaster assistance and relief once the area is declared a disaster area by the federal government, who then aids FEMA with disaster relief grants. These grants are offered to individuals and communities and provide temporary housing, home repairs, uninsured losses, medical and mental counseling expenses, and other tragedy related expenditures.

Community recovery grants are utilized by HUD, who provide grants for states, cities, and towns to recover from Presidentially declared disasters. These grants are necessary to begin rebuilding the affected areas and provide the money vital for beginning the recovery process. Due to often limited local resources after natural disasters, HUD helps aid these areas that may not otherwise recover.

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