Beginning or continuing to operate a farm is a huge responsibility and the cost of doing so is even larger. There are many farm business grants available through USDA, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and many other large food companies, such as Simply Organic. Farmers are such a large part of the economy and theses farm business grants can help to create more food and jobs across the country.

There are many factors that you may not immediately think of when it comes to the initial costs to startup a farm. Those costs include the land purchase, crops, equipment, and salaries for new employees, etc. It is important to make sure you know exactly what kind of farm you will be running because most of the farm business grants available are geared towards specific types of farms. This is very important to pay attention to when looking for a grant that will best suit you and your new farm needs.

Applying for farm business grants may include some extra paperwork that other grants may not require. One that is almost always needed is a business plan for your farm, and a well-organized to show what your current and future goals are. The more detailed and specific your business plan is the better. It may sound obvious but under the pressure to submit a grant application do not forget to include general information about your farm on your business plan. Such as your location, acreage, current operations, inventory, environmental awareness, etc. This could help you be eligible for more farm business grants based on different environmental practices that you use when running your farm.

With your business plan it is important to be realistic with your goals and not overpromise what your farm will accomplish. Grantors are looking to help your farm thrive and get on its feet or continue on a path of success. To help attract grantors to picking you and your farm to support, make sure to note where the money will help the business and keep them updated as the money is being implemented.