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One of the basic tenets of America’s philosophy as a nation is equality across race and skin color. The country itself is a melting pot of people from various racial backgrounds and the Government, as well as private organizations, are leaving no stone unturned to promote cultural diversity and peaceful co-existence.

A large part of the racial mix of the United States consists of African American who are being encouraged to advance rapidly by utilizing the opportunities offered to them by way of business grants, education grants, Pell Grants and medical bills assistance.

African American entrepreneurs are eligible for many business grants at both national and state levels. While applying for a grant, a comprehensive business plan that contains details on the organization structure, marketing strategies, growth projections, etc. is invaluable to show why your company should qualify for minority grants.

The next step would be to search for relevant government grants. Your local Small Business Association or SCORE office, library or MBDA would be ideal places to start. You could even apply for a grant online for counseling through one of the numerous websites dedicated to this cause.

Not so long ago, African Americans ranked the lowest as far as attendance in higher education establishments was concerned. Many students traditionally opted for vocational courses or two-year degree programs as compared to standard four-year courses.

However, since a little over a decade ago, with the combined efforts of various federal, state and private organizations, this disadvantaged minority group has advanced in leaps and bounds. The proof of the pudding is that our President is an a man of color.

Some of the major scholarship and grant opportunities offered to deserving African American students to obtain a higher education are:

  • Federal funds courtesy the US Department of Education
  • UNCF and NAACP Scholarships
  • Scholarships and grants offered by historically black colleges and universities like Howard University in Washington D.C. and Morehouse and Spellman Colleges in Atlanta.
  • The Ron Brown Scholar Program, the Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship Program and the Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund.

Federal Pell grants are available for undergraduate students coming from lower-income backgrounds.

African Americans may apply for assistance to bear the costs of hospitals, prescription drugs and other medical costs through:

  • Agencies providing government grants
  • Free health care programs
  • Hospitals
  • Charities
  • Employers
  • Church and special interest groups

Thus, if you are an African American with a dream but not enough resources to fulfill it, avail of the above to give impetus to your personal and community advancement. Remember that you must meet the strict qualifications regarding household income in order to sustain eligibility for these grants.

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