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Starting a business is a feat not easily accomplished, and it is often a costly affair. Consequently, many American women nip their entrepreneurial instincts in the bud and come to terms with working for someone else. However, for those who do want to nurture their spirit of enterprise, the government offers literally billions of dollars by way of government grants. In 2010, over $20 billion of government grants were available exclusively for business grants for women.

Here are some eye-opening facts:

  • Grants for counseling assistance for a woman-owned business cover a wide range of businesses, including those to help start home-based businesses, non-profit organizations, coffee bars, day care centers, etc. Grant monies can be used to cover costs of administration, marketing, promotion, creativity, overheads, etc. Those already in business could use the grant to hire employees or purchase equipment and property.
  • Grants for starting a business are available for women with a low income, belonging to ethnic minorities or having bad credit history.
  • Over 5 million American women start businesses each year, but less that 15% of these apply for grants, leaving many business grants unclaimed.
  • Women have a greater chance of success in business than men, and are considered more financially responsible than men. Yet, 75% of women earn less than their male counterparts.

Despite being eligible to receive free money in the form of advisement grants for starting a business, many women are unable to avail of these because they are unaware of how to begin the application procedure.

Your local Small Business Association office or Chamber of Commerce, business newspapers and libraries can provide information on how to go about the application procedure. Besides, several women’s funding networks form strategic alliances among themselves, donors, communities and institutions with the specific aim to empower women financially.

However, by far, the easiest way is to apply for a grant online. A few clicks may infuse much needed funds into your business. Several websites provide both information and access to grants for women. All it needs is a little research, a well made business plan, patience and an inner drive to succeed.

So, apply for a business grant today, and make your entrepreneurial dreams come true!

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