If you and your family are looking to buy or rent a home but do not have the financial means to accomplish this goal, a housing grant may be the best option. Housing grants are available to those that cannot afford to buy a home, or may need to repair their home to meet proper safety measures. U.S. Housing, Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) are some of the largest outlets to award housing grants.

There are multiple kinds of housing grants available for individuals and families, all of which are based on financial need. The Rural Housing Grant is available to those that are looking to live in an area deemed rural and provides low to moderate income housing. These kinds of housing units allow for the new homeowners to afford rent, mortgages, and or any repairs necessary to the home.

Homeownership Voucher Programs allow for eligible families to become first-time homebuyers. The grant money allows homeowners, whom have not owned their home for more than three years and use the home as their primary residence, to pay for living expenses. A similar housing grant available is the Housing Choice Voucher Program that allows low income families to choose from a selection of rental homes that will help the needs of their family. Individuals or families with a disabled individual may qualify for a Designated Housing Voucher, which allows them to live in a rental home that is equipped with all of their assistance needs.

Home grants are available with very strict eligibility rules, and especially for those in the direst of financial need. These home grants may also help repair or renovate homes that could be deemed unlivable based on the health conditions. Home repair grants do not need to be repaid like loans, so this would not strap down your family into even worse financial conditions.