If you are a member of a church or faith-based organization, and are in need of a grant to help, church grants are available to those who qualify. Church Based Grants are offered through federal and state governments, public and private foundations, and sometimes a churches own denomination. Church grants can be difficult to obtain if they do not already have a 501c3 from the federal government, which is the official documentation stating that they are nonprofit.

Every church or faith-based organization must be in possession of a 501c3 before being eligible for nearly all church grants. Most churches are in need of funding to help support the various outreach programs that they run through their church or facility. Churches are often qualified to receive a church grant if their programs and missions aim to help the community that they are in. Many church grants look to help improve the community, and especially those within the community, regardless if they are part of the church congregation or not.

Most faith-based grants awarded are not allowed to be used for operational costs, but there are exceptions depending on the grantor and that specific set of rules. Many church grants are allocated to help run programs, make any repairs, or expansions a facility may need. Grants for church repair are available to those who would not otherwise be able to afford repairs or expansions to their current building. Non-profit and faith-based grants help cover expenses primarily involved with programs created and run by the church, along with anything that helps the community.

Churches should sort through all of the various outlets that award church grants to determine which would be the most fitting. Every grant has a different goal that they would like to achieve, so along with meeting the required criteria to receive the grant, churches should look for grants that have the same goals they do.