Unfortunately, there has been a frequent amount of natural disasters hitting the United States recently that has affected millions of people. These disasters have left people without housing, clothing, and other basic necessities. Individuals and families have lost their homes along with the contents to devastating weather events of epic proportions. Fortunately, the federal government branch FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) has funds to help after these catastrophic events so people can get on the road to recovery as soon as possible.

The first step in getting to FEMA to help is that in order for them to even begin with aid the President must declare the area hit an official government declared disaster site. Once declared this allows for the special funding to be accessed and FEMA puts together a relief program to aid residents and businesses in the disaster area.

Individual and families in the affected area that have sustained loss or damage to their property may be allowed to seek funding. There will be an application process that FEMA will require so they can evaluate if the applicant is eligible for funding and if so what type and how much. Once FEMA approves the funding they will explain in what form the funds will be made available and how much in terms of dollars. These funds may come in the form of disaster relief grants, loans or a combination of both.

FEMA will set criteria on what the grants and loans will be allowed to be used for such as secure temporary housing, replace damaged or lost property, make property repairs, and other steps for those affected to get back on the road to recovery. Applicants will need to provide a detailed assessment of the damages and losses to the property and its contents along with a report of everything that will be covered by homeowners or flood insurance policies. Filling out the FEMA application also opens opportunities for other organizations to help since most of these organizations require a FEMA application in order to be eligible for their assistance.