Sometimes it can be difficult for homeowners to keep up with maintenance and repairs on their home, especially if they do not have the finances to afford proper materials or hire experts for the more difficult tasks that could arise. There are many home repair grants and assistance programs that can help homeowners keep up with the maintenance on their homes and are provided by the government, private organizations and foundations.

Federal government home repair programs are specifically made to target elderly and veteran homeowners through the use of certain criteria. These grant awards can greatly assist families and individuals but must be used within certain guidelines as stipulated by the individual program. For example, Section 504 Home Repair is a program run through the USDA that provides financial assistance to very low income homeowners over the age of 62 that are not in a position financially to repay a repair loan. These awards can only be used for renovations that would repair a health or safety hazard, has a limit of $7,500, and requires the home not be sold for 3 years after the renovation or else the money must be repaid.

For veterans, there are the Specially Adapted Housing grant (SAH) and the Special Housing Adaption grant (SHA), both of which assist veterans that need certain renovations to a typical home due to disability accessibility. The both assist a veteran by providing funds to construct an adapted home, modify an existing one or pay off principle on an adapted home purchased without the use of other VA grants. There is more information on how to qualify and apply and an explanation of the difference between the SAH and SHA on the federal government website.

Through the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, states and counties will be allocated money to put towards home repair and renovation grant programs as well. The availability of these funds and the criteria necessary to apply are unique to each state and locality, so it’s worth doing some research into individual circumstances. Several programs aim to benefit the community overall through providing financial aid towards home repairs, as well as promoting weatherization programs for certain susceptible areas.

There are even private foundations and non-profit organizations that assist homeowners with the finances to make improvements to their residency. Groups exist on the national and local level and have all sorts of programs for those who meet the criteria. There are clearly many options for homeowners looking to improve their living conditions, and while it may take some time to research and find the best programs to apply to for an individual, there is no doubt that the possible monetary reward will make the process worthwhile.