In the event of a natural disaster or emergency, there are disaster relief grants available to help communities and organizations recuperate. Disaster relief grants are available mostly to municipalities and non-profit groups, after the natural disaster has occurred. FEMA and other public or private foundations that offer disaster relief grants may offer their grants to individuals and businesses in need. Natural disasters can completely destroy your organization or business, so it is clear that when you apply for a disaster relief grant to have a plan. Most groups giving grants in the time of need will award those that carefully explain how the money will be used and how your business or group will accomplish that. This is especially important for municipalities and non-profit organizations that can help give back to the community in the most abundant way. While the application for most grants can take time, disaster relief grants often have a speedier process due to their urgent need. Since they are granted so quickly, the grantors must receive proof of the awarded money being used toward what relief the group specified it would. This proof can be through photos, or however the awarded group stated that they would give proof. If they do not, this could result in them having to refund the money back to the group that awarded them the grant. There are many groups that off disaster relief grants, both the federal and state governments, and many local groups or organizations. Some of those include The Lions Club International Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and Disabled American Veterans grant program. Each of these can easily be applied for on their website, and the Lions Club may be easiest to reach out to your local Lions Club. Each of these grantors may have their own requirements, so some may have requirements based on the amount of individuals living in the disaster area, or having another local group help work with them in awarding grant money to the disaster relief. So, some of these groups can help those around the country, and be sure to also look for local groups, or whomever can help provide relief the quickest.