Congregations that are in need of additional funding for their church and associated programs should look into applying for grant money. Most church grants available do not directly help church related operational expenses, so church leaders should be aware of any restrictions before applying. The easiest place for churches to begin looking for church grants are through their own church’s denomination.

These faith organizations are looking to give faith-based grants to their own community churches, especially for churches that are looking to complete any repairs or expansions. In order to qualify and apply for a majority of church grants, each church must be registered as a nonprofit 501c3 with the federal government. Churches often create and run programs that help their communities, so they have many grant options depending on their needs.

  • Grants for church repair: Churches often need repairs or need to expand to accommodate the large amount of community members. While church grants cannot help operational costs, they can sometimes help fund capital expenditures such as repairs that would otherwise not be completed due to the expense.
  • Faith-based grants: Faith based community outreach programs that are supported or managed by a church are the most common form of church grants. These grants are given to churches to help them do more outreaches for these faith-based groups within the community.
  • Non-profit grants: Non-profit grants benefit community outreach programs, which benefits community members and not just members of a specific church congregation.
  • Churches looking for funding through church grants should also look into available grants from the government. Many churches do not often look to the government for these types of grants due to the large amount of limitations and constraints. While the government church grants often benefit community programs, they are very strict in determining where the funds can be spent within the church and its programs.

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