Modern technology, no matter the advances, cannot always predict the severity of natural disasters. Many tear towns and neighborhoods apart, resulting in tons of people every year losing their homes, vehicles, and other personal belongings. To help offset some of the repair costs and to begin receiving immediate relief assistance, cities and individuals should consider disaster preparedness grants.

They may be most helpful to particularly natural disaster prone areas. Once a natural disaster occurs and an area is federally declared a natural disaster, FEMA, or Federal Emergency Management Agency, will typically be the first group to arrive and provide relief. Upon immediate relief they will often provide food, water, shelter, and then individuals may begin to apply for more disaster relief assistance from FEMA. Many FEMA grants are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, once the specific area of damage has been assessed and personal property and belongings have been accounted for, but all those affected may still apply.

FEMA grants can be applied to different things depending on how each individual was personally affected by the disaster. For example, it can be used for temporary housing, home repairs, uninsured or underinsured personal belongings lost, medical, and funeral expenses. This is determined once an individual applies for a FEMA disaster assistance grant and schedules an appointment with a FEMA inspector. This allows them to assess the damage, but if the damage has already been repaired, grant money may be used to reimburse the individual for the repair costs.

It is important for all individuals that have been affected by a natural disaster to at least apply for FEMA relief assistance because it could dramatically help them begin to rebuild what they have lost. There are no restrictions on a minimum or maximum income level, as most cases are case-by-case, based on the damage and personal property losses. Renters and small business owners are also no exception to applying for disaster relief. Undocumented immigrants may also apply for relief assistance on behalf of their child that is a U.S. citizen or qualified alien. FEMA grants are easy to apply for and could significantly help individuals and communities begin to rebuild after a natural disaster.