Congregations that require additional funding to support their church and its programs can try applying for grant money as a form of funding. There are not specific church only grants available but there are grants within organizations and groups that assist non-profit, faith based community outreach programs that the church supports or manages. If the church leaders and congregation are looking for grant money they should be aware that most grants available will not allow for funding to be used for direct church related operational expenses.

Instead many of these grants are to help the church be able to reach out to help others in the community through hands on programs. The grants may also help fund capital expenditures for church repairs or renovations that would have otherwise gone unfunded due to the expense. One of the first places to start to research faith based grants is by checking within the church’s own denomination that they belong too. These faith organizations will most likely offer a wealth of grants to help their community churches, especially for church repairs and expansion projects.

Another avenue to pursue are foundations and organizations that may provide non-profit grants for community outreach programs. In order to qualify and apply for most of these grants the church needs to be registered as a nonprofit 501c3 with the federal government. These grants will also have restrictions that insist the funds given are used for the betterment of the community as a whole and not just benefit members of that specific church. The government also has grants available that help with community programs but they are extremely strict stating that the funds can only be used for designated specific projects. Many churches decide not to pursue governmental sources when looking for grants due to the limitations and constraints placed upon them in order to receive the grant money.