Housing grant programs are designed to assist low-income families that are having financial issues when it comes to buying their first home. These grants are through federal housing programs and state housing programs for low-income families, and a few that are specifically geared to minorities and women. Federal housing programs are the first place to look when searching for housing assistance when it comes to home ownership. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) website provides information for grant seekers and awards money each year to help people with funds for home ownership. The vast majority of the money for this purpose is awarded to state and local agencies. They make funds available to the states and to groups and organizations so going through the HUD program one can see how much was given to each state for housing grants. The Home Investment Partnership Program is one of the larger federal housing programs that the federal government provides with appropriations to each individual state. The states will take these funds and work with non-profits in their state (like the Salvation Army), to provide help to low income individuals and families seeking home ownership. One form that this money is allowed to be used for is to secure the down payment for a first time home buyer purchase. Each state has its own set of amounts available, terms and eligibility. Some of this type of assistance is through loans, but they may have terms tied into the amount of years keeping the home and paying the mortgage where they are forgivable so it would end up being free money like a housing grant. Using the specific state website to find out what one qualifies for is the best way to see what is available and what are the qualifications to be eligible. Banks and lenders in the local area will have plenty of information on their state’s programs that are available to homeowners. Always keep in mind that there will be restrictions according to income level, number of people in household and the purchase price.