Families and individuals that are looking to become home owners or are looking for housing but need financial assistance should research housing grants. Housing and home grants are available to these individuals and families through the federal and state governments, with restrictions depending on the area in which they are looking to reside. These housing grants have various programs that are funded by U.S. Housing and Urban Development, HUD and U.S. Department of Agriculture, and USDA. Some of those grant programs include the following and can be found on the HUD for any restrictions and qualifying criteria.

  • Rural Housing Grants: Individuals may receive housing grants from the federal government if they are looking in an area that qualifies and meets the proper criteria to be considered rural. Low to moderate income families can apply for these housing grants to help them afford rent, home ownership, and/or repairing a home. Individuals and families can find further information on the rural housing grants based on the state and area on the HUD website.
  • Homeownership Voucher Programs: Individuals and families that are eligible to be first-time home buyers may look into home grants that can help fund various expenses. These home buyers may use these housing grants for down payments on home loans, mortgage payment assistance and help paying for living expenses. For individuals to qualify for the homeownership voucher program they must not have owned their home for no more than three years and it must be their primary residence.
  • Housing Choice Voucher Program: Housing grants through this program are available to qualifying low income families. This program allows for low income families to use a voucher to choose a rental home that will suit their family’s needs.
  • Designated Housing Vouchers Program: Individuals that have disabilities and qualify as needing assistance may apply for government housing grants. These government housing grants will help those who need assistance receive funding for suitable rental homes.

Housing grants available to first-time home buyers vary from state to state, but they often have very strict restrictions. Some of those restrictions may include income level, number of people living in the household and the purchase price of the home. Aside from federal housing programs and grants available, each state has their own housing grants that are available with more information on their own states website.