If you are an individual that is a member of church or a faith-based institution, and are looking for ways to help, look no further than church grants. Churches are consistently helping to provide for the community, yet they are receiving less and less funding. A majority of church grants do not directly aide the churches with their operational expenses, but fund repairs, expansions, community programs, and other similar projects.

Before diving into the large pool of church grant opportunities, it is important to determine if your church or faith-based institution possess a 501(c)3. A 501(c)3 states that the IRS has declared your church as a charitable organization. Without retaining this document, it will be nearly impossible to apply and later receive a church grant from a private organization or the government.

After obtaining the 501(c)3 document, an individual should begin looking for faith-based grants within their own denomination. Looking through an individual churches denomination may be the best route because they are looking to help their own community members, especially if that church is looking to make repairs or expand.

Churches looking for grants should also look at the government grants, although they have very strict regulations. Government church grants are available, but they are very particular with how the awarded funding may be used within the church and for all of its programs. It is important to note the rules and limitations through government church grants because it will be a waste of time and efforts if your organization will not qualify.

If your church is in need of repairs or expansion to help accommodate a larger congregation, there are grants for church repairs available. These grants will help fund the expenses of repairs and expansions that would not be attained otherwise. Grants for church repairs, and most church grants, do not fund operational costs. Faith-based grants are awarded to churches and organizations that host programs for the community. Many churches host outreach programs for members of the community, but need help with additional funding to continue. Similarly, non-profit grants benefit the community programs, helping anyone in the community, regardless if they are part of the church.

Faith-based grants for churches are attainable for a variety of projects, but have very strict allocation rules if awarded the grant. It is important to complete thorough research for your church to determine which kind of grant your church would benefit from the most.

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