If you are an individual that has fallen into a troublesome situation for you, and possibly your family, you may be eligible for a personal grant. Personal grants are offered through federal and state governments, and public or private foundations. Individuals that meet the required criteria may receive a personal grant to help obtain food, clothing, shelter, and other basic necessities.

Personal grants are not always awarded directly to the grantee, but to various services and organizations that will properly allocate the money for each individual’s needs. Those groups are often social services or related organizations, who would ensure that the awarded money goes towards the appropriate necessities for said individual. Personal grants are a great way for struggling individuals to overcome their financial hardships because they do not need to repay the grant, as they would a loan.

Individuals looking for a personal grant may find the most opportunities available through the federal government. Although, these personal grants have very strict eligibility rules, most of which are based on financial need. There are also other public and private foundations or organizations that have personal grants available to those that reside within their community. Many of those groups look to help members within their community, and they may also help to provide various programs for individuals to regain financial stability.

No matter which outlet an individual decides to apply for a personal grant through, they should be sure to complete thorough research before submitting their application. It is important that each individual has all of the proper financial documentation before completing any applications, and that they meet all of the requirements that specific grant lists. Personal grants are very particular, and it is not worth the individuals or the grantors time if the individual does not meet the proper qualifications.