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Proposal Purpose

The Request for Proposal is issued by the funder with a specific purpose in mind. The purpose for the grant is the heart of the matter. While other sections of the Request for Proposal fill you in on information that will help you contour your application to the preferences of the funder, the purpose section gives you an insight into what your application needs to reflect.

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Project Description

The Request for Proposal is focused on offering applicants an opportunity to make a positive change using the funding of the grantor. The Request for Proposal is the grantorŐs tool to make this happen. There is no more important section of the Request for Proposal than the Project or Program Description itself.

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Project Scope Details

The Project Scope in the Request for Proposal will give you a clear idea of what the essence of the grant is all about. It will inform you on the areas that will need to be covered. Of course, in the application proper, you will be asked with a high degree of specificity to answer questions that will outline your program in detail to the funder. So, before you begin to undertake this task, you must make a determination if this grant application meets the mission and values of your organization.

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Guidelines for your Proposal

Requests for Proposals must include the guidelines of the funder regarding the submission of applications. Without guidelines, grantwriters would have no idea of how to construct the application or conceptualize the formation of the compelling argument to support their application.

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Request for Proposal

Requests for Proposals tell you a great deal about what the funder is looking for. Although there is no set format, the Request for Proposal generally contains information that can be categorized. We are going to review the main sections of a typical Request for Proposal, and then you will begin to understand the necessity of reviewing the document over and over again throughout the grant application process. You will grow to understand the importance of wording and phrasing in the Request for Proposal and learn to contour your answers to include the same wording and phrasing as used in the RFP.

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Take the Funder's Message to Heart

The funderŐs opportunity to convey to potential applicants exactly what the funder expects is called the Request for Proposal. The Request for Proposal (RFP) is the vehicle by which funders receive offers in the form of proposals to deliver the project or service that the funder is looking for. While there is no definitive form that the RFP will take, it will reflect the culture of the funder and will issue the request in the hopes of eliciting appropriate responses.

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Message from the Funder

Before you sit down to begin to gather your thoughts on writing the grant you have been assigned to undertake (or assigned yourself), you must first understand what the funder is looking for. The best way to determine this is by reviewing the Request for Proposal released by the funder or funderŐs organization in an attempt to match the need of the funder with the foresight and ability of potential applicants.

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