More and more women are beginning to open their own businesses, but are in need of financial assistance, which can be found through business grants. While there are a wide variety of business grants available, business grants for women are becoming increasingly popular due to the high demand. Many women entrepreneurs are beginning or expanding their businesses, and there are many private and public organizations are looking to back those women.

Since there is such a large amount of business grants for women available, it may seem to be a daunting task. Below are just a few positive notes for women entrepreneurs to remember when researching for business grants.

The female is a majority owner, 51% or more, there may be other male partners and still qualify for a women’s business grant

There are over 20 billion dollars available in business grants for women

So far there are more than 5,000 government business grants for women

Women’s business grants are available for all types of businesses/ start-ups (home-based, expansion, etc.)

Women looking for business grants should also consider, if it is not required upon submitting an application, creating a short video to pitch how their business would benefit from the grant. This adds a personal touch, allowing the business owner to relate their business and goals to the goals of the specific business grant for women. It is also important to not stop at just one application, business grant awards range in prize money.

Some of those can be big or small, so each business owner should apply to several grants that best match their needs. If you are a woman business owner that is a single mother, has a low-income, etc., can help create an even more specific search. Women entrepreneurs are becoming an even larger norm and organizations are looking to help financially support them through business grants for women.