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Government grants, also known as federal grants, are financial aids offered by the government to fulfill the business, educational, housing, medical and personal needs of eligible applicants.

The application process can be highly competitive, with grant seekers from across the nation vying with each other to apply for a government grant and obtain it successfully. Especially in the current age of the Internet, the application process for a grant online is becoming easier by the day. Hence, as given below, many factors need to taken into account before writing your grant proposal.

Project Identity
While applying for grants, several organizations try too hard to be everything to everyone, resulting in supporting programs that are totally unrelated to their core mission. This attempt does more harm than good because funders feel that the applicant is promising too much and will deliver too little.

A better approach would be to clearly identify your project, showing how it gives momentum to achieve the organization’s goals by supporting its core values.

Information on the organization’s history, philosophy, vision and mission statements, resources, previous funding, etc. should be included.

SWOT Analysis
To start off, clearly show your project’s strengths. This would include all special resources, including human and community, which would help turn the project into a success. Also create a credibility file documenting your organization’s accomplishments with adequate proof of the same.

Next, list down your weaknesses with at least two feasible solutions for each so that the funder can gauge that you are willing to work hard to eradicate any shortcomings.

While your strengths and weaknesses will be inherent to your organization, opportunities and threats may arise from the external environment. Write down the measures you have undertaken to safeguard your project from threats.

Funders receive scores of similar grant proposals. Adding a unique approach to solving a problem will make your proposal stand out

Also, clearly outlining the feasibility of the project will help you score brownie points with the funder.

Brainstorming with the stakeholders of the project will help you to both identify your USP and make the project more feasible.

Next, a short project brief comprising the following points should be created:

  • Need addressed by the project
  • Past work undertaken and future solutions
  • Resources required
  • Timelines
  • Broad budget
  • Anticipated outcome and beneficiaries
  • Return on investment for the funder
  • Positive impact on the community

It is better to apply for free government grants to agencies whose belief system and overall objectives match with those of your organization. Identify such agencies and get hold of their application guidelines.

If you are unclear, do not hesitate to request the program officer to resolve all your doubts. However, ensure that your questions are specific. Showing the funder that you are organized and efficient at every step will help you in the long run.

For sections of your proposal that require special skills, like technological, financial, legal, etc., you may need to consult an expert. Websites like specialize in proposal-writing services and will help you to ensure the accuracy of your proposal. Invoke the help of such professionals and get ready to apply for a grant online. With the click of a button, you can make your dreams come true.

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