Personal grants are free government money for individuals that are designed to help those that are in dire need when it comes to finances, a disability or unexpected adversity. A segment of the population that can benefit from personal grants are the elderly that find themselves in a financial bind. The senior citizen population is living longer and with that they may outlive the savings they had put away to use for retirement. Unfortunately, the time when they run out of money needed provide for themselves comes at a time when they are much older and are not physically able to supplement their income by having a part-time job.

Even though they will continue to collect social security and retirement pension but this combination may not be enough to make it in certain areas of the country where the cost of living is high. Something that seniors can fall back on are personal grants. There is a wide variety of government grants available each year to support the needs of seniors that are in financial trouble.

The federal government along with state agencies and private organizations have avenues for seniors to find financial help by applying for personal grants. One area the federal government gives grants for is home repair for senior citizens aged 62 and older, are low income and live in certain designated areas. If they qualify they can receive up to $7,500 to make necessary repairs to their home.

This Personal Grant Program is administered through the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development offices of the Very Low-Income Housing Repair Program. Another grant program is the Section 202 Supportive Housing for the Elderly Program which is for seniors aged 62 years or above, with very low household income.

This government grant provides options that allow renovations and modifications to their personal homes so they can continue to live independently. This reduces the likelihood that they would have to move into a nursing home because they would still be able to take care of themselves since their home was modified. If you or someone you know needs to apply for these personal grants the information and application is available on the USDA government website.

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