Have you or your family recently run into financially unstable times? If so, you may consider looking for personal grants. Personal grants are available through many outlets, both federal and state governments, private and public groups or foundations. These are especially helpful when struggling financially because they do not need to be repaid, unlike loans. Personal grants typically have a wider range on what the awarded money can be used for, which can help to alleviate pressure during financial hardships.

Personal grants can help to cover the costs of things such as transportation, mortgage, rent, home repairs, school supplies, etc., for those who do not have the extra income to afford such things. Applying and receiving personal grants can help them to use the awarded grant money to get into a more financially stable position for the near future.

One of the most difficult parts of applying for personal grants is finding the right fit for you. There are tons of personal grants available, on all different levels, but it is difficult to find the most suitable one and complete an actual application. The best way to start is to look locally, this will allow for more relatable and personable connections to the groups and foundations offering the grant. It is important to make a list of what financial goals you would like to achieve if you are awarded a personal grant, and use that to find the best fit with each personal grant application you research. Spending the time to research and apply for personal grants that are not related to what you would like to achieve nor what the group is looking to award, is a waste of time for all parties involved.

Personal grants are also available to help individuals that are facing financial burdens due to no fault of their own. This can be applied to those who are caretakers of other individuals, need assistance themselves, or have lost their employment through no fault of their own. Personal grants can help individuals that qualify for the minimum income levels and cannot find other jobs, so a personal grant can help cover costs of food, health and transportation. If you are a caretaker of another individual or need the assistance for yourself, personal grants help to offset the costs of the care. These costs can be for both needs of the individual, or needs for yourself, for example the transportation to get to the individual you are taking care of.

Personal grants often have less strict requirements, but they are much more difficult to find and more competitive to be awarded. They can be especially helpful during financially difficult times because individuals do not have to worry about digging a deeper hole by having to pay back loans.