Individuals that find themselves in a serious financial bind and are in need of outside help may want to consider applying for a personal grant. Grants unlike loans do not need to be paid back which is useful if an individual is trying to get back on track financially. If the idea of a grant has a person thinking, I need a personal grant now; the next step is to see if they qualify for a grant funded by the federal government, state government, private foundations or national agencies. How can I get a personal grant now is a question that is simply answered by taking the time to research to see what grant individuals can qualify for based on their own personal situation.

A good starting point is the federal government grant listing on the federal website. One must keep in mind personal government grants are limited and generally help out individuals with dire financial situations. The eligibility is stringent and if awarded the grant will have a strict set of criteria on how the money can be used. State grants work in the same way as federal grants with strict parameters and are posted on the states own individual state government website.

Personal grants are also offered to individuals by various charitable organizations or specialized groups and agencies. These charitable organizations and non-profits offer grants for individuals that may be struggling financially and dealing with other life situations. For example there may be a local charity that helps local single moms that are financially strapped with a grant to pay for daycare for their children so they can go to work and earn a living. Depending on your job, talent or skill set you can research agencies in those particular fields that may offer grants to individuals trying to work on or accomplish something special. One should not overlook researching grant availability on the local level since there may be groups that want to help people right in their own community.

Once the eligibility is determined they need to take the time to apply by filling out the personal grant application, paying close attention to, follow the instructed guidelines, answer all questions, and be fully aware of submission dates and deadlines. If awarded grant money one must follow the rules and regulations stated on how the grant money can be used. There are personal grants available from different sources to help those in need, just a time commitment is necessary to find the grants, determine eligibility, apply and use the awarded grant money in accordance with the proper guidelines.